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Port Douglas is situated in Tropical North Queensland at latitude 16.5 degrees south. It is a small coastal town set on a peninsula surrounded by mountains. Flagstaff Hill in the town centre creates a beautiful rainforest backdrop on the eastern side of the main street with views to Black Mountain, Mt Beaufort and Mt Demi on the Great Dividing Range to the west of Port Douglas.

The close proximity to the mountain range creates an excellent watershed for the rainforest and rivers at our doorstep. The Mowbray River is just south of Port Douglas and the Mossman River and the Daintree River are the major waterways to the north.

Port Douglas is the closest mainland town to the Great Barrier Reef and is unique in that it has two World Heritage Listed sites in close proximity - the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

Many people are unaware of the vastness of the Australian continent and do not realise how remote the area north of Port Douglas is. The closest capital city is Brisbane which is over 1700 km south, Sydney is 2500 km and Melbourne 3000km from Port Douglas. Fortunately the closest international airport is a mere 70 kilometres south of Port Douglas in Cairns making the journey here from most locations world wide a day trip.

Our tropical climate is ideal for those who enjoy the sunshine and outdoor living. There are two main seasons - the dry season which commences in May and extends to November and the Green Season from December to April.

The dry season or winter has an average maximum temperature of 26 degrees celcius and a minimum temperature of 17 degrees celcius. Ocean tempertures of around 23 degrees celcius make swimming in the ocean during this period a winter treat. This is the most popular time to visit Port Douglas with visitor numbers swelling the towns population of 3000 to over 10,000. At this time of year there is plenty of sunshine, low humidity and the southerly trade winds provide a welcome breeze.

The green or wet season is traditionally a quiet time in terms of visitor numbers in the tropics. Commencing in December and extending to April it is the best time to see the rainforest, fauna and the magniicent waterfalls in the area. Unfortunately the media has created the perception that it rains continually and devastating cyclones are common occurances. This is not the case in fact the sun appears on many days during mid-morning and clouds build up during the late afternoon and evening often bringing a cooling shower overnight. Maximum average temperatures of 30 degrees celcius and a minimum average temperature of 23 degrees celcius with high humidity make tropical summer months much gentler than in most other parts of mainland Australia.

Rainfall occurs mainly in January, February and March with average rainfall of 410mm per month during the wet season.

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