Best Port Douglas Hotels

If you were searching online for the Best Port Douglas Hotels,  the results would be varied and entirely subjective.

What criteria do you use when judging a hotel? No doubt the criteria one uses will also vary from person to person.  However there are several tools used universally by travelers to help to decide where to stay.

Star and diamond ratings are the tried and true industry standards used to guide consumers for the past two decades.

The star rating criteria is based on several categories which includes cleanliness, service, quality and facilities.  The greater the number of stars the better the hotel but some people look for and weigh other factors into the equation.  A  new , modern and very expensive hotel may satisfy the star rating criteria but it may lack several essential factors.

The best hotels I have stayed in have been small, boutique, family run businesses.  Many have a endemic cultural element which hint at the history of a region.  The architecture of the building, the art work, the location, the staff, the cuisine offered and garden and surrounds  all create an intriguing tapestry which enhances the guests experience. The intangibility of this ambience often can not be translated into a formulated rating system.

More recent attempts to rate hotels have appeared in the form of guest reviews.  All booking sites now encourage guests to write a review of their hotel experience.  Tripadvisor the most well know travel review site, initially purported to be an unbiased guest review site.  The impetus and popularity grew within the last decade and now online reviews are the most used rating system by would be travelers.  However it is still not an  easy task for a guest to review the subjective elements of a travel experience.

So it is possibly most appropriate for travelers to use both star ratings and guest reviews to determine the Best Port Douglas Hotels.  Coral Sea Villas has been rated in the top ten Specialty Lodgings in Port Douglas for the past decade on Tripadvisor and consistently rated as a 4 star property through AAA tourism, the official Australian hospitality rating organisation.


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Port Douglas Apartments Macrossan Street

Booking accommodation at Coral Sea Villas in Port Douglas you can save substantial money on transportation.   Our Port Douglas apartments Macrossan Street address makes every outing convenient and provides savings as well.

Shopping in the main street is a pleasurable past time in the boutiques and specialty gift stores on Macrossan street.  Local artists have unique clothing and decorative pieces, fashion lovers can peruse everything from high end designer labels to casual resort wear and bargain buys under $22.  If you get overloaded with bargains it is only a short stroll along the road to unload.

Macrossan street runs from Dicksons Inlet in the west to the Coral Sea in the east.  Coral Sea Villas is situated at the eastern end of the street with sea views from the eastern most balcony of the building however due to the garden plantings and trees in our property as well as our neighbors,  the view is  mostly obscured.  However guests have only to venture to the left out our front gate and stroll for 2 minutes down Macrossan street to reach 4 Mile Beach.

Port Douglas boasts some of Queenslands premier eateries – Salsa, Nautilus, Zinc and Watergate to name a few.  Getting their on foot is an easy saunter and their is no issue partaking in a glass or two of your favourite wine, beer or cocktail over dinner – getting home without the concern of drink driving.

So stay in our Port Douglas apartments Macrossan street and save on car hire, fuel, bus fares and enjoy the convenience of city living whilst on holidays.

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Port Douglas Accommodation Map Queensland

The Port Douglas Accommodation Map is an excellent guide to assist travelers to locate a place to stay and check the location in the town.

For people searching online before google maps it was very difficult to pinpoint the location of a business referring only to an address.  Macrossan St Port Douglas means very little to anyone who has not been  the town – the fact that it is the main street is not evident.

The map also identifies geographical locations of importance in a town such as rivers, coastlines and highways.  This is particularly important to a traveler who may not have access to a vehicle and prefers to stay in town close to restaurants, shops and other services.

For those wanting a beach holiday it is much more convenient to stay in a hotel close to the beach especially if the tropical climate makes walking even short distances, hot and unpleasant work. Visitors can make a beach trip much more enjoyable by locating an apartment close to 4 mile beach. 

In Port Douglas there are periods of the year in summer, when a netted swimming area near the Port Douglas surf club is the only place in the ocean so if you are intending to swim daily use the local accommodation map to find a hotel close to the surf club.

This period also attracts a lot of rainfall in the evening and at night so if you are staying some distance from the restaurant precinct, you can get wet walking home after dinner, endure a public bus trip for up to forty minutes or abstain from drinking and drive.  Once again the Port Douglas local map is a great tool to assist you to choose accommodation close to restaurants 

Accommodation deals at Coral Sea Villas during the summer include rack rates  of $150 per night and stay for 7 nights and you will only pay for 6 nights. To find the location of Coral Sea Villas use the Port Douglas Accommodation Map Queensland .



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Family Friendly Resort Port Douglas

Coral Sea Villas in Port Douglas is a popular destination for a holiday offering  family friendly resort accommodation centrally located in the main street.

Port Douglas Accommodation

The resort has two accommodation blocks – our two storey block offering family apartments at the front of the property and a three storey deluxe villa block along the side of the property.

The family apartment block has three separate two bedroom villas with adjoining courtyard gardens.  This accommodation block is often booked by extended family groups or friends who wish to holiday together but still want their own apartment for some quiet time.

The ground floor is living space whilst the two bedrooms and a bathroom / laundry are located on the first floor.  These apartments with the bedrooms on the same floor, are safer for parents who may need attend to infants during the night and are fitted with stair gates.

The courtyard garden outside each villa have an eating area and is enclosed so children can not wander away.  This private patio provides a family with an additional outdoor area to eat, read and relax with a glass of wine shaded by exotic, tropical plants.

With spacious apartments, saltwater pool and close proximity to 4 Mile beach our Port Douglas resort situated on Macrossan Street is ideal for young families.

Port Douglas Family Accommodation  Garden Courtyard

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Wedding Accommodation in Port Douglas

When you are planning a wedding in Port Douglas, you will probably need to spend some time in town several months prior to get organised.

Wedding Accommodation in Port Douglas

Any couple  contacting Coral Sea Villas regarding wedding accommodation in Port Douglas  will be offered a free weekend stay to enable them to visit venues, caterers, celebrants, florists and do the many other tasks to complete arrangements.

This free weekend comes with only one condition – that the bride and groom to be advise their wedding guests of our property and offer them a group accommodation rate for their stay over the wedding dates.

The two nights familiarisation stay provides a couple with three days to visit reception venues and caterers at restaurants or outdoor sites to organise the set up and menu.

An appointment with the celebrant or priest at the church or wedding site can be organised to discuss vows.  In addition the necessary seating arrangements, hire equipment and set up can be booked from a supplier should a park or other outdoor wedding venue require.

The couple may need to source suppliers such as florists, bakers, beauticians and entertainment.  The staff at Coral Sea Villas can assist with advice and information to expediate  these tasks.

So if you are in need of wedding accommodation in Port Douglas we would be delighted to assist you plan your wedding and host any guests who choose to stay with us.

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Cool Port Douglas Family Holiday Accommodation Fun

This January there is a new way to cool down at your Port Douglas Family Holiday Accommodation.

The Glengarry Big 4 Holiday Park in Mowbray River road, 10 kilometres south of central Port Douglas has just opened a water park to keep you cool this summer.  The park is designed to cater for all family members from 3 year of olds to adults.

The wet area of the park has numerous slides, fountains and cascading water features as well as a swimming pool.  There is also a playground area with climbing equipment, slides and a large jumping cushion.

Surrounded by trees, the Mowbray Valley has slightly cooler temperatures than the township of Port Douglas so just a visit to this area will give respite from summer heat.  Parts of the park such as the  jumping cushion have a shade cover so children are protected from the sun whilst playing.  

Poolside  there is a grassed area which is shaded with thatched huts and trees making it the ideal spot for a picnic.

The park is open from 9 am until 6pm and welcomes holiday makers from Port Douglas as well as local families.  Admission for adults  is $15 and children under 3 are free.

So this January if book accommodation in Port Douglas at Coral Sea Villas ask our staff for directions to the coolest spot in town.


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Accommodation Packages in Port Douglas and Other Christmas Gifts

It would seems the retail sector is making a strong recovery in Port Douglas with new specialty  stores hanging out a shingle all along Macrossan street.

It is the perfect time  to do some Christmas shopping and take advantage of an Accommodation Package in Port Douglas at Coral Sea Villas.

Betty Blues Bohemian Cafe has recently opened in the Coconut Grove complex just next to our property – serving breakfast and lunch.  The cafe has made a good first impression with locals – great coffee,  interesting and extensive menu and a cosmopolitan ambience. 

New speciality  stores offering quality gifts  and home wares  - such as Sugar, Pebble and ArtSpace now provides locals and visitors with some very unique locally produced pieces.

Perrin Clarke has a new photography showroom displaying his own framed and unframed photographic works.

Currently we have Special Packages available for families – stay seven nights and pay for six nights and children stay for free.  This special price is available pre-Christmas and during January, February and March.

So take an accommodation package in Port Douglas with us at Coral Sea Villas during the Christmas break and  enjoy the retail therapy.

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Tropical Abundance in Port Douglas

December is traditionally a very hot month in Port Douglas.  The south easterly trade winds abate and conditions are generally still.  At present we are experiencing occasional hot northerly gusts and very little rain has fallen in the region for months.

In fact Port Douglas  has had so little rain that the council has introduced water restrictions throughout the Douglas shire.  Even the Daintree has been relatively dry for this time of year.  Our regular hot , still weather conditions in December have not been accompanied by the traditional late afternoon tropical showers.

The parched, brown countryside is indicative of this dry spell.  However on the upside there are very few mosquitoes about and our guests have been enjoying cloudless sunny days and cooling off in the pool and on Four Mile beach.

Although the landscape is not yet green, we are witnessing the abundance of seasonal fruits in gardens and along the roadside.  Mangoes,  bananas and passion fruit decorate the trees and vines during December as if to remind us to decorate our Christmas trees.

Tropical flowers are in bloom everywhere in bold and dazzling colors  - it is truly  the season of abundant beauty.

Locals in Port Douglas have abundant time during December – gone are the crowds so there is time for a chat,  a coffee, a gathering and generally catching up on all things – family, social and maintenance.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a local in Port Douglas, a visit during December will showcase how the town slows and  takes time to appreciate the abundant gifts in our tropical paradise.   #CoralSeaVillas has pre-Christmas specials so call us for holiday accommodation in Port Douglas

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Family Accommodation in Port Douglas for a Happy New Year

After the festivities of Christmas and New Year why not visit Coral Sea Villas for a holiday in the Tropics.  We offer special rates for family accommodation in Port Douglas during January, February and March.

Currently we have an accommodation package offering a great special for families.  The special available for all travelers provides a 7 night stay for the price of 5 nights.  This means a saving of over $300.  In an addition a family with 2 children will have an additional saving of $250, as children stay for free during the low season.

For those with young pre-school children the low season is an ideal time to holiday in Port Douglas with lower accommodation costs, fewer tourists and  much more moderate climatic conditions during summer

At this time we still experience many days of tropical sunshine at times between 5 and 8 degrees cooler than in the southern states of Australia.  The tropics comes alive during the wet season with tropical rain falling often during the late afternoon and night.  The rainforest areas and gardens are green and abundant colorful blooms of amazing plants.

Torch gingers in brilliant reds and soft pinks and the cannon ball flower play a starring role in the parks and gardens of Port Douglas.

Torch Ginger at Coral Sea Villas

Cannon ball tree in flower

During the summer there is an abundance of tropical fruit which is available from the

Lady Finger Bananas farm gate.  Mangoes sell for $15 a tray, bananas , avocados     and mangosteens provide a delicious and affordable  feast.                                                                                    

Visit the tropics during our abundant wet season and sample the delicious fruit, marvel at the floral splendor and relax in our family accommodation in Port Douglas for a happy start to the new year.

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Port Douglas Accommodation amongst the Stars

Great excitement in Port Douglas with the recent announcement that Hollywood will be visiting us next year.  The next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean will be filmed in Port Douglas in 2015.

Holiday makers next year will have to compete with an estimated 800 film crew for accommodation in Port Douglas and other services.  Those who remember the last two visits by the tinsel town film makers will remember that Port Douglas was busy for the best part of a year the with filming of Fools Gold and The Pacific.

Employment opportunities were boosted for locals with drivers employed to chauffeur the likes of Donald Sutherland to and from the set.  Hundreds of extras were recruited to standby in case the director called on their services.  Locals with boating experience were required to ferry actors to and from locations as well as being available to be filmed in action sequences.

Star spotting was a popular past time – Matthew McConaughey was often spotted cycling down Macrossan Street.  He celebrated his birthday in the verandah bar of Courthouse hotel who was said to have shouted the occupants of several bars in town.  Kate Hudson was also working along side Mc Conaughey and spotted regularly in the streets of Port Douglas.

Next year it will be Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush are the A-Listers we will be looking for.

Why not  have a fantastic beach holiday in 2015 with Port Douglas accommodation amongst the stars of Pirates of the Caribbean at Coral Sea Villas.

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